01  JULY 2014
  Island Aviation
  General Introduction
Address : 212, HANSEO Business Center No 3, 105, san, sinon ri, nam myun, taean gun, chungnam, south korea 357-953
Tel +82-41-675-8823
Fax +82-41-675-8838
Web : http://www.islandsky.co.kr
Mob +82-10-3006-8971
e-Mail :infoisland@naver.com
community : http://cafe.naver.com/islandsky
Taean Airport
Taean airport (RKTA), located at the center of west coast, provides pilots with the convenience of being less than 150 miles from the most popular GA destinations
The location of RKTA Facilities of RKTA
      Destinations with full airport service 
      Major LSA airfields
Runway 15/33 (3610’x 80’)
Attended control tower
Maintenance and hangar
Line of Business
Island Aviation’s line of business consists of flight training, flying club, and aircraft dealership
Island Aviation’s line of business  
Flight training   Flying club   Aircraft dealership
• Solo Pilot Certification
• Recreational Pilot Certification
• Private Pilot Certification
• Instrument Rating
• Commercial Pilot Certification
• Certified Flight Instructor
• 150+ registered members
• The club owns (co-owns), operates C172SP, Seminole-PA44, Seneca-PA34, KingAir-C90GT, Citation-C525, Skyleader, CT, Aeroprakt, savanna S and EuroStar-EV971
• Official dealer of Skyleader , ICP, full-lotus
• Aeroprakt, Flight Design
• Looking for a dealership opportunity of amphibious aircraft
- Amphibious aircrafts are more suitable in Korean terrain and GA nvironment
Line of Business – Flight training
Island Aviation offers flight instruction for everyone – from the first time pilot to aviation pilot candidates
Flight training  
  • One of a few government certified flight training institutions with written-exemption privilege
- Student pilots who are trained at Island Aviation only takes aviation law exam

• Commission agreement with Hanseo University flight education center
- Island Aviation has access to the university’s fleet for training
- Shares professors of the university and the instructors from the company
  Every single-engine aircraft operated by Island Aviation is equipped with BRS parachutes system  
Line of Business – Flying Club
The pilots who were trained by Island Aviation and the pilots who seek access to the safest fleet and the best GA airport in Korea are the members of the flying club
Flying club  
  • Operate member-only weather briefing and flight briefing stations
• Members buy / sell /trade equipment and aircrafts through the club
- Provide advisory service for members regarding aircraft purchase
• Provide covered hangar parking and regular maintenance service for the aircraft owners
- Aviation engineers reside at the airport
  More than 150 members are registered and co-own or rent aircrafts through Island Aviation  
Line of Business – Aircraft Dealership
Island Aviation launched aircraft dealership business recently; currently an official dealer of Skyleader-series and CT-series and Aeroprakt-series and ICP-series
Aircraft Dealership  
  • Sales of three Skyleader aircrafts were made since August, 2011
- Participation in Expo initiated sales of two aircrafts
- One aircraft is for the flying club

• Current intention is to build-up full line-up of LSA aircrafts
- CT/ICP/ Aeroprakt for high-wing,
- Skyleader for low-wing
- In search of amphibious aircraft dealership opportunity

• Ease-of-operation and safety are the very first concern for Island Aviation
  Island Aviation first participated in airshow this year (2011) for the promotion of Skyleader  
Korean LSA market
Island Aviation is working hard to proliferate the joy of flying in Korea
ULSA and LSA registration
(Total number of registration)
  • Korea is a wasteland in general aviation perspective Intensive
- governmental regulation Constant
- military operation
- Every airspace is traffic controlled
→ Introduction of LSA category solves much of the limitation Multiple

• Seadromes are planned as a part of Grand Korean Waterway Project, 350mile long canal between Seoul and Busan
- Opens more room for amphibious aircrafts
- Recently received multiple inquiries regarding amphibian aircrafts
  Island Aviation first participated in airshow this year (2011) for the promotion of Skyleader